The Netherlands has 14 Universities, which provides Scientific Research and Education (WO) to the community. See table below. Besides 10 general-orientated Universities, the Netherlands has 3 Technical Universities and a Life Science and Environment University which is specialised in farming and food industry. In general-orientated Universities the students gather theoretical scientific knowledge and the students are trained to be able to do Scientific Research. There is no special focus on applying theoretical scientific knowledge gathered from the general-orientated Universities, like the Technical Universities and Life Sciences & Environment Universities.
The Technical Universities educate student to be able to do research and the development of applications for scientific abstract knowledge acquired in the Technical Domain. Implementation of creative solutions of problems. The resulting abstract theoretical scientific knowledge is palable. This creates Spin Offs and Engineering companies of these 3 Technical Universities; Technical University Delft (TUD), Technical University Eindhoven (TUe)and University of Twente (UT).
Wageningen University (WUR) focuses on Life Sciences and Environment, however nowadays still known as Agricultural University. Scientific Knowledge gathered from Research is applied in Farm and Food Sector.
In many Dutch big cities are Open Universities located, its main focus is delivering Academic distance education. It has many studycenters in larger cities throughout the Netherlands.
There are in total 8 academic medical centers which are part of the major general-orientated Universities. These academic medical centers focuses on education of medical sciences student and doing scientific research and of course curing patients.
Some general-orientated Universities provides similarly study or course a more specialised University provides. Vice Versa. Please see which Study these Universities provides, click on the Links in the Header WO Bachelor, WO Master, Post WO Master PhD, MBA.
Besides these Universities, other Institutes also offers Academic Education which also provides non regular, not financed by Goverment, fulltime education, certified by government organizations. You can find these and the rest of the Institutes here.

General-Orientated University

Vrije Universiteit VU Amsterdam
Universiteit van Amsterdam UVA Amsterdam
Rijks Universiteit Groningen RUG Groningen
Universiteit Leiden LEI Leiden
Maastricht Universiteit UM Maastricht
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen RU Nijmegen
Erasmus Universiteit EUR Rotterdam
Tilburg Universiteit TiU Tilburg
Universiteit Utrecht UU Utrecht
Open Universiteit OU Alkmaar Almere Amsterdam Breda Den Haag
Eindhoven Emmen Enschede Groningen Heerlen
Leeuwarden Nijmegen Rotterdam Utrecht Vlissingen

Technical University

Technische Universiteit Delft TUD Delft
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven TUe Eindhoven
Universiteit Twente UT Enschede

'Life Sciences' University

Wageningen Universiteit WUR Wageningen

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