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Academic Education in the Netherlands

When you are going to study in the Netherlands, this website provides the foreign higher Education student seeker Study Information in Choosing the right education or traineeship that suits the student the best. Various topics will be described. Such as Education on the level of Bachelor, Master of 'University of Professional Education', also known as Hogeschool or 'Hoger BeroepsOnderwijs' (HBO). Or as Bachelor, Master and pHD degree of the University, and MBA education. The educations or studies students enrole in the Dutch higher education must comply to the strict rules of the dutch ministerie of education. The quality of these educations are verified and approved by an official institute. 'Opleiding geaccrediteerd'. The provided education courses have ISAT 'opleidingscode' (educationsnumber).
Topics The Student Life of each University City will be elaborated, check out the Links on the left column of the page. The following Student Life Topics in these cities will be described, like Studies possibilities, Housing, Student Associations and Night-life.
Via the links in the header, above, you can find your education per level, depicted on buttons like HBO Bachelor, HBO Master, WO Bachelor, WO Master, PhD and MBA.
Further on, the Higher Educational System is explained. The study path from the secondary school to the University is described, with its entrance level and the necessary ECTS 'studiepunten' (literally: study points) which you have to achieve for an education. See Diagram below.

Academic Education Types in the Netherlands

Higher Education is in the Netherlands provided by an Institution of Tertiary Education and Higher Learning, which is in the Netherlands the 'University of Professional Education also known as 'Hogeschool' or 'Hoge Beroeps Onderwijs' and the University. This Higher Education Type 'Hogeschool' is focussed on applying the knowledge from the study in the job, which is application orientated. While the Higher Education Type University is mainly focussed on delivering Scientific education which prepares the student to do research. It is more abstract. For Scientific Research and therefore a PhD Study you need to go to the regular University. The University is an Educational Organisation which is thus focussed on doing scientific research and providing education to students to do research.
In general dutch Universities are less well adapted to apply the knowledge attained from study directly in the field, i.e. work in the companies, like a 'Hogeschool'. In the left column the University Cities are enlisted structured with on the HBO (Hogeschool) and WO (Science Education, University)

Academic Education System in the Netherlands

The Angelsaskish Education System is implemented in the Dutch Higher Education System, which implies the education degrees Bachelor, Master, PhD is the same as in the United Kingdom or the United State for instance. The big advantage is you can study more easily abroad to get more knowledge and life experience in another country. It is a good way to start your international career via studying abroad as an exchange student.
The Institution of Secondary Education is depicted in green blocks in the diagram below. The Institution of Tertiary Education is depicted in variation of blue blocks. The Light blue (aqua) blocks represents HBO (Hogeschool) also known as University of Professional Education'. The blue blocks represents WO (Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs) University. Both Institutions of Higher Education delivers Bachelor and Master Degrees. Each with a different focus of Education and duration of its Bachelor, Master courses. A Study at PhD degree is only provided by an University.

Hoger Onderwijs Systeem NL Diagram: Higher Education System NL

Admission Higher Education

As shown above in the flow diagram: Higher Education System in the Netherlands, admission to the Dutch higher educational system is possible via the secondary school. An alternative route to study in the higher educational system is via an state exam to get enrolled in this system, where you should be at least 21 years old. The only admission requirement of the Open University OU is that the student is at least 18 years of age. The transition from one level of study to another has certain eligibility requirements. This also applies when you move from a HBO study to a WO study, vice versa. Dotted lines indicate the requirement needs between the different Educations. The duration of an education is expressed per unit of ECTS credit. One year of full-time study corresponds to 60 ECTS. On 1 ECTS workload equals 28 study hours. Therefore 60 ECTS credits should be achieved per year. Each bachelor or master study of a HBO (University of Professional Education) or University can have different duration.
De Voortgezette Onderwijs; hier HAVO en VWO wordt chronologisch opgedeeld in tweede fasen, te weten; eerste fase en tweede fase. Kenmerkend voo de tweede fase is dat de scholier zelfstandig leert te 'studeren' en dat de leraar de scholier begeleidt. Zodat de scholier voorbereid wordt op een hun verdere studie in het hogere onderwijs zoals de Hogeschool of Universiteit.
De Tweede Fase voor HAVO zijn de klassen 4 en 5 en voor de VWO zijn de klassen 4, 5 en 6. In deze tweede fase moeten de scholieren hun vakkenpakket selecteren, die invloed heeft op de selectie van de vervolg studie en de selectie van de Universiteit of de Hogeschool.
Deze vakkenpakketen wordt ook wel profielen genoemd, zie hieronder:
Profielen (Vakkenpakket):
- Cultuur en Maatschappij (C&M),
- Economie en Maatschappij (E&M),
- Natuur en Gezondheid (N&G),
- Natuur en Techniek (N&T).
Aan de hand van deze Profielen kan je een juiste studie selecteren.


The main PhD study issue is to get knowledge through scientific research in his specialism. In the Netherlands the PhD student is considered as an University staff and function fully as an research employee and get a certain income. Generally in return the PhD student have to lecture and guide students doing projects. During the standard 4 years project the PhD student gets mentorship and guidance from his Professors or PhD researchers.
For more information please see the PhD page; link in the header


There are 2 types of Master of Business Administration, abbreviated as MBA. The Executive MBA, is a type of MBA program which is provided to Professionals with work experience as an Executive. While another MBA, a Master degree program does not require experience. It is possible to follow the Executive MBA in part time. The main purpose of an MBA is to get more knowledge to excel as an Executive Professional. As a MBA executive it is important to master Network skills to broaden your important network and applying the gathered knowledge.
For more information please see the MBA pages; link on the left column and in the header.

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